Palazzo Viceconte is Open for Summer Holiday and Events

Palazzo Viceconte is open and ready for your summer holiday in an amazing city such as Matera.
The respect of coronavirus rules is still important for your safety and caring for each other.

Hotel Maintenance and Staff Training

During the lockdown we worked to keep Palazzo Viceconte in good condition, we took care of the beauty of our hotel.
Furthermore, we know that training isn’t just important to any hotel, it is vital and presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge of all employees. Our employees attended the “Tourismore Five Star Academy”, four training sessions about accommodation, housekeeping, catering and other amenities useful to improve employees performance and satisfaction.

Cultural Events

We are slowly returning to normal. We started to plan cultural events in the amazing outdoor places of Palazzo Viceconte.
On 5 June we hosted “La liturgia delle parole” (Words’ Ceremony) performed by the Giacomo Medici Furano Sax Quartet.
On 20 June we will host Laura Marzadori (first chair violinist of the Teatro della Scala di Milano Orchestra) and the “Solisti Lucani Ensemble”. They will play pieces by great composers such as Bach, Tchaikovsky, Paganini and Saint-Saens.
To take part at our events reservation is needed.
For further information about our events we suggest you subscribe to the Palazzo Viceconte Facebook Page.

We can’t wait to meet you.
Get in touch with us and reserve your room at Palazzo Viceconte.