Giornate FAI di Primavera

Giornate FAI di Primavera - 26 e 27 marzo 2022

Via S. Potito, 7 Sabato e Domenica 09.30-13.30 / 15.00-18.00

L'apertura nelle Giornate FAI di Primavera 2021 risulta di particolare interesse poiché il Palazzo Venusio è oggi una struttura alberghiera e l'ingresso è riservato agli ospiti dell'Hotel. La visita prevede l'accesso alla splendida terrazza da cui è possibile scorgere una vista mozzafiato, poiché questa domina tutto il Sasso Caveoso da uno dei punti più alti in assoluto. Nel percorso sarà possibile apprezzare le decorazioni dell'enfilade di saloni del piano nobile, oltre che immaginare la vita di una famiglia nobile contestualizzata in un luogo sconosciuto ai più. Durante la visita sarà possibile ascoltare brani musicali. Domenica pomeriggio, a conclusione delle visite, si presenterà il concerto: “Dalla Basilicata all’Europa la musica che unisce il mondo” eseguito dagli Apprendisti Ciceroni del Liceo Musicale “T. Stigliani”, promosso dal FAI in collaborazione con l’Associazione “Lucania Musicale” e con Palazzo Viceconte.

Cene e pranzi di lavoro a Palazzo Viceconte

Business dining at Palazzo Viceconte

Christmas is coming, are you bamboozled by the sheer choice of where to choose for your Christmas business dinner in Matera? Whether you're booking for a small group of colleagues or looking for somewhere to hold your office Christmas dinner, Palazzo Viceconte is an excellent place for you.

Sharing special dinners

Located in the heart of Matera, guests can relax in the elegant hangout while indulging in seasonal menus, local wines and drinks, the ideal setting to make this year's celebration one to remember.

What better way to establish, build or maintain a relationship than sharing a meal. As business professionals, we need to take into consideration several factors that would constitute an ideal business lunch. Components to a successful business lunch include atmosphere, service and location.
The luxurious venue can be hired out in its entirety or spaces can be rented for smaller groups. Palazzo Viceconte has its own unique look and feel to meet your Christmas and business dinner needs.

Business Meeting at Palazzo Viceconte

Some of the best deals are made over dinner so it is important to the right restaurant in which to impress a client, and Palazzo Viceconte is great for business dining.

If you’re looking for an elegant Christmas function venue with a hint of Matera vibes about it, Palazzo Viceconte is your best bet.
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Matera e Cinema - Palazzo Viceconte

Matera, a Filmmaker’s Dream

Matera has played and still plays a starring role in many movies thanks to Sassi, its skyline, atmospheric streets and modern palaces. The number of films set in Matera is huge, the city has been used frequently both as a filming location and as a film setting.
We can say that Matera is a filmmaker’s dream.

One of the latest film shoots in Matera was “No Time To Die”, the twenty-fifth in the James Bond series. They shot a chase sequence involving an Aston Martin DB5 through the streets of Matera and a doughnut in Piazza San Giovanni Battista. Besides, some sequences were shot inside Palazzo Viceconte.

Matera Supports Cinema

All of this interest is useful to develop creativity and promote Matera in film, television, tv series. Furthermore, there are some local actors and movie directors who are involved in making their movies, organizing film festivals and connecting talents and ideas.

Would you like to discover some of the best Matera film locations that have been featured in big screen hits?
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007. No Time to Die
On the Footsteps of James Bond in Matera

Would you like to discover the James Bond locations in Matera? Would you like to feel part of one of the most famous sagas in the cinema’s history?
Book a three nights stay, follow us on “On the Footsteps of James Bond in Matera Tour” and feel part of the 25th chapter of 007, James Bond – No Time to Die!

James Bond movies have always captured our imaginations.
We planned a tour to take you on the James Bond footsteps in Matera and let you feel like the most popular 007 in movie history.

The tour retraces different locations from the shooting that took place between August and September 2019 in the center of Matera and in the Rock Churches Park.

It will take you to Piazza Vittorio Veneto, Piazza San Giovanni and via Madonna delle Virtù, places of chases and shootings aboard the inevitable Aston Martin.
You will reach the medieval Civita and stop on the panoramic point of Piazza Duomo, where one of the most spectacular scenes was shot, in which a motorbike arrives running on the square with an acrobatic jump.

The tour will continue along the staircase of Via Muro where the two leading actors, Daniel Craig and Léa Seydoux, have shot intimate scenes with the breathtaking scenery of the Sasso Caveoso. Via Muro and its dusty chalk buildings are regular screens, they were already a set for Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” and for the Ben Hur remake with Morgan Freeman.

During the tour you will also view some home movies shot during filming.

Don’t miss this great opportunity!
Plan your holiday in Matera and act like James Bond: book a three nights stay and the “On the Footsteps of James Bond in Matera Tour” is complimentary!

Tour duration: 120 minutes
Tour Manager: Dora Cappiello, Ferula Viaggi Founder

Photo Credit: besthdwallpaper

Visitare Matera: cosa vedere oltre i Sassi | Palazzo Viceconte

Visit Matera, More Than Sassi

Matera is a lively city where you can be yourself. It's a city of creative types, music lovers, culture addicts and friendly faces. Matera is also a city where you could plan a family or a couple break.
There is more than Sassi and you will always find something to see and do in Matera. With museums, entertainment, shopping and history, it’s impossible to be bored in Matera.

The Museums

Matera is a great city for culture with some museums to enjoy where you can learn something more about the history of Matera and Murgia.
Start with the Archeological National Museum “Domenico Ridola” where you can see the finds about the processes of human settlement in the area of Matera and in the whole region, some of the finds date back to the Paleolithic and Neolithic.
A stroll to the National Museum of Medieval and Modern Art of Basilicata housed in Palazzo Lanfranchi will shift focus to modern art. There are lots of artworks by local artists and by Carlo Levi, among them you can see his famous painting “Lucania ‘61”.
Finally, pay a visit to the MUSMA (Museum of Contemporary Sculpture of Matera), housed in the seventeenth century Palazzo Pomarici, it is the only museum entirely dedicated to Italian sculpture.

Modern Neighborhoods and Rural Villages

There are reasons to visit every corner of Matera, but we want to focus on the modern neighborhoods and the rural villages. Matera is made up of modern neighborhoods built in the Fifties to welcome peasants coming from Sassi, each of them has its own character and style.
Neighborhoods and rural villages come from avant garde movements and are packed full of architectural gems. Adriano Olivetti was involved too and worked on the rural village called “La Martella”.
We suggest you visit the modern city too.

Film Locations in Matera

The Sassi have had their fair share of screen time. Lots of movies were made in Matera, such as “Il Vangelo secondo Matteo” by Pier Paolo Pasolini, “The Passion” by Mel Gibson and more recently “No time to die” the latest movie about James Bond. It’s very simple to discover some of the best Matera film locations that have been featured in big screen hits.
Matera is really a filmmaker’s dream.

Matera and the Murgia

In all Murgia there are sites of historical, artistic and cultural interest, very important for better understanding the area, including an entrenched Neolithic village and several rupestrian churches. We suggest visit one of the best rupestrian churches of the whole area: The Cripta del Peccato Originale.

Matera is a lively city, it is as popular for its vibrant entertainment options as it is for its many fine museums, splendid architecture, and tourist attractions. Whether you visit Matera for a weekend break with your beloved, or a longer vacation with your family, a visit to this vibrant city will certainly be a memorable experience for young and old!

Palazzo Viceconte is in the heart of the city centre of Matera: choose it for your stay.

Vacanze ed eventi a Palazzo Viceconte

Palazzo Viceconte is Open for Summer Holiday and Events

Palazzo Viceconte is open and ready for your summer holiday in an amazing city such as Matera.
The respect of coronavirus rules is still important for your safety and caring for each other.

Hotel Maintenance and Staff Training

During the lockdown we worked to keep Palazzo Viceconte in good condition, we took care of the beauty of our hotel.
Furthermore, we know that training isn’t just important to any hotel, it is vital and presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge of all employees. Our employees attended the “Tourismore Five Star Academy”, four training sessions about accommodation, housekeeping, catering and other amenities useful to improve employees performance and satisfaction.

Cultural Events

We are slowly returning to normal. We started to plan cultural events in the amazing outdoor places of Palazzo Viceconte.
On 5 June we hosted “La liturgia delle parole” (Words’ Ceremony) performed by the Giacomo Medici Furano Sax Quartet.
On 20 June we will host Laura Marzadori (first chair violinist of the Teatro della Scala di Milano Orchestra) and the “Solisti Lucani Ensemble”. They will play pieces by great composers such as Bach, Tchaikovsky, Paganini and Saint-Saens.
To take part at our events reservation is needed.
For further information about our events we suggest you subscribe to the Palazzo Viceconte Facebook Page.

We can’t wait to meet you.
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