Amazing Things to Do and Visit in Matera

Are you looking for vacation ideas?
Would you like to visit Matera?
Or are you already setting off for a holiday in the city of Sassi?
Whatever you are planning to do, we collected some of the best things to do in Matera.

Discover Sassi: A Three-Wheeler Tour

A three-wheeler is really comfortable and, furthermore, is a perfect vehicle to ride along Sassi. You will definitely and completely experience their amazing atmosphere.
After that, we suggest you also have a walk. It’s the perfect way to get lost in a maze of alleys and, furthermore, to find out quiet and outstanding spots.

Walk in Matera Old Town

Matera old town is called “The Piano”. This is the historic and artistic part of Matera, and it is walkable.
Walking you will notice historic buildings and churches. We suggest you pay attention to Palazzo Lanfranchi, where the National Museum of Basilicata Medieval and Modern Art is hosted. Moreover, don’t miss the Church of Purgatorio, an example of late Baroque style, and the Church of San Giovanni, one of Matera’s architectural jewels.

Visit As Many Museums You Can

With the National Archeological Museum “Domenico Ridola”, the MUSMA – Contemporary Sculpture Museum, the National Museum of Basilicata Medieval and Modern Art, lots of local history museums and galleries, Matera has it all.
As a matter of fact, with lots of museums and exhibitions, such as “Salvador Dalí – The Persistence of the Opposites” to choose from, you could easily spend your stay strolling around them.
If you want to visit a handful of museums during a short trip to Matera, it may be a good idea to get information before you leave.

Enjoy Appetizers and an Astonishing Panoramic View of Sassi

For an appetizer or a dinner in Matera you must choose the right place, the one best suited to enhance your lasting memory and add value to your break. Here is a place that seems suitable to boast: the Roof Terrace.
The restaurant is located within the roof terrace of Palazzo Viceconte. The terrace allows visitors to enjoy a superb panorama of Sassi.

Visit Small Towns Near Matera

If you have time, we highly recommend taking a few days outside the city visiting some of the picturesque villages close, such as Montescaglioso (with the Benedictine Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo), Miglionico (where you can visit the famous Malconsiglio Castle), Altamura (where you can taste a local bread and visit the Cathedral) and Laterza (where is a Majolica Museum). Internal roads give you quick access to the surrounding areas.

Have a wonderful journey.
Can’t wait to meet you in Matera.

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