Quality Concerts and Exclusive Places: a Perfect Mixture

We really value our customers, that’s why we host exclusive and small musical events.
Furthermore, we want our events to be memorable and leave you wanting more.
We at Palazzo Viceconte have a pretty great handle on planning and setting them in the amazing decorated rooms of the hotel.

Music for People Appreciate Quality Concerts

We really love music and art and we want to share our passion with you.
Not only are our concerts exclusive but they also are for people who really appreciate the beauty of art.
For example, the performance of the “Septet” in E-flat major, Opus 20, by Ludwig van Beethoven was really touching and was appreciated by all the participants.
As well another successful performance was a concert which turned the double bass into the most virtuosic and melodic of instruments.

Rooms and Places

The open-air terrace and the richly decorated rooms are the best features of Palazzo Viceconte. Both inspire artists, create a sensitive environment and increase the musical performances.
People involved in these kinds of events know that they are part of unique experiences.

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