Vacanze ed eventi a Palazzo Viceconte

Palazzo Viceconte is Open for Summer Holiday and Events

Palazzo Viceconte is open and ready for your summer holiday in an amazing city such as Matera.
The respect of coronavirus rules is still important for your safety and caring for each other.

Hotel Maintenance and Staff Training

During the lockdown we worked to keep Palazzo Viceconte in good condition, we took care of the beauty of our hotel.
Furthermore, we know that training isn’t just important to any hotel, it is vital and presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge of all employees. Our employees attended the “Tourismore Five Star Academy”, four training sessions about accommodation, housekeeping, catering and other amenities useful to improve employees performance and satisfaction.

Cultural Events

We are slowly returning to normal. We started to plan cultural events in the amazing outdoor places of Palazzo Viceconte.
On 5 June we hosted “La liturgia delle parole” (Words’ Ceremony) performed by the Giacomo Medici Furano Sax Quartet.
On 20 June we will host Laura Marzadori (first chair violinist of the Teatro della Scala di Milano Orchestra) and the “Solisti Lucani Ensemble”. They will play pieces by great composers such as Bach, Tchaikovsky, Paganini and Saint-Saens.
To take part at our events reservation is needed.
For further information about our events we suggest you subscribe to the Palazzo Viceconte Facebook Page.

We can’t wait to meet you.
Get in touch with us and reserve your room at Palazzo Viceconte.

Palazzo Viceconte nel cuore della Civita di Matera

Palazzo Viceconte in the Heart of Matera

When most people decide to make a visit to Matera, it is no secret they want to have an accommodation in a hotel  located in the world-famous Sassi or in the Matera Old Town.

Set on the Civita, the highest place in the town, Palazzo Viceconte is between Sassi and the Old Town.

The whole area where Civita was built is an artificial bank made to raise more this complex so that it could overlook the whole town. During the Middle Ages the Civita represented the socio-cultural centre of the town; excavations and archeological studies show as this site was one the most frequented ones since the Ancient Ages.

Then, between 1230 and 1270 The Cathedral, dedicated to Madonna della Bruna and Sant'Eustachio, was built.

Piazza Duomo and The Civita are very interesting places. Both of them position you in the centre of many of the city’s most important buildings. Beyond the Cathedral, there is a really astonishing panoramic view of Sassi and part of the city centre. Furthermore,  stick to walking if you wish to uncover other interesting cultural attractions, such as MUSMA (The Contemporary Sculpture Museum of Matera), Casa Noha or MATA (The Diocesan Museum of Matera).


The Civita: Political, Religious, Economic, Social and Cultural Centre

For a long time the Civita represented the political, religious, economic, social and cultural centre of the town, consequently it was the place where the noble and richest families lived.

All around the area you can admire noble buildings, each of them has its own architectural style.

Palazzo Viceconte is one of these buildings. Read something about its history on our website.

Actually we know that it is not time to travel. Otherwise, we think it is always time to plan a new trip.

Palazzo Viceconte è in pausa

Palazzo Viceconte is Closed: We Decided to Take a Break

We decided to close Palazzo Viceconte till Spring 2021.

It is a long break, and we will really miss you.

But it is time to stop and wait until the coronavirus outbreak will start to be over.

Our rule is caring for each other and protecting our people and all who choose to stay or live with us. It also means continuing to offer a comforting and enjoyable experience to you and a safe workplace for our employees. At the moment it is very hard to do it. So, we decided to  close.

But, we trust the future and we are sure that we will travel and meet each other soon.

We know that all together we will win the pandemic fight.

Stay safe, see you soon!

Eventi e ambienti raffinati - Palazzo Viceconte

Quality Concerts and Exclusive Places: a Perfect Mixture

We really value our customers, that’s why we host exclusive and small musical events.
Furthermore, we want our events to be memorable and leave you wanting more.
We at Palazzo Viceconte have a pretty great handle on planning and setting them in the amazing decorated rooms of the hotel.

Music for People Appreciate Quality Concerts

We really love music and art and we want to share our passion with you.
Not only are our concerts exclusive but they also are for people who really appreciate the beauty of art.
For example, the performance of the “Septet” in E-flat major, Opus 20, by Ludwig van Beethoven was really touching and was appreciated by all the participants.
As well another successful performance was a concert which turned the double bass into the most virtuosic and melodic of instruments.

Rooms and Places

The open-air terrace and the richly decorated rooms are the best features of Palazzo Viceconte. Both inspire artists, create a sensitive environment and increase the musical performances.
People involved in these kinds of events know that they are part of unique experiences.

Don’t miss our musical events. Subscribe our Facebook’s fan page.

A Comfortable Terrace and an Exclusive Courtyard in the Historic Centre of Matera

Do you know that sunshine is good for our health? Just five minutes basking in the sunshine is enough to make you feel happier and cheerful.
But, on the one hand, you need time and a place to stay outdoors and benefit from the advantages of sunshine, on the other hand, you need to make use of the sunshine in ideal quantities.
Palazzo Viceconte has outdoor spaces where you can enjoy the sun all year long.

Open-Air Terrace on Sassi: Sun and Drinks

Nestled on the rooftop, our open-air terrace is great, you can enjoy an incredible panorama on Sassi and on the Murgia charming natural landscape.
The terrace hosts a bar with a suitable atmosphere to relax and enjoy the health benefits of sunshine while drinking a delicious drink with a pleasant temperature.

An Outdoor Parking Courtyard

Held in the historic centre of Matera, Palazzo Viceconte is the only hotel having a private car parking area. The outdoor courtyard is our on-site parking, so you can drive to the hotel and leave your car.
Thanks to it we can properly welcome disabled people who easily can arrive and leave.

If you like travelling in autumn, we want you to notice it is the perfect time to visit Matera.

We are looking forward to seeing you, reserve your room.

Amazing Things to Do and Visit in Matera: Cathedral

Amazing Things to Do and Visit in Matera

Are you looking for vacation ideas?
Would you like to visit Matera?
Or are you already setting off for a holiday in the city of Sassi?
Whatever you are planning to do, we collected some of the best things to do in Matera.

Discover Sassi: A Three-Wheeler Tour

A three-wheeler is really comfortable and, furthermore, is a perfect vehicle to ride along Sassi. You will definitely and completely experience their amazing atmosphere.
After that, we suggest you also have a walk. It’s the perfect way to get lost in a maze of alleys and, furthermore, to find out quiet and outstanding spots.

Walk in Matera Old Town

Matera old town is called “The Piano”. This is the historic and artistic part of Matera, and it is walkable.
Walking you will notice historic buildings and churches. We suggest you pay attention to Palazzo Lanfranchi, where the National Museum of Basilicata Medieval and Modern Art is hosted. Moreover, don’t miss the Church of Purgatorio, an example of late Baroque style, and the Church of San Giovanni, one of Matera’s architectural jewels.

Visit As Many Museums You Can

With the National Archeological Museum “Domenico Ridola”, the MUSMA - Contemporary Sculpture Museum, the National Museum of Basilicata Medieval and Modern Art, lots of local history museums and galleries, Matera has it all.
As a matter of fact, with lots of museums and exhibitions, such as “Salvador Dalí - The Persistence of the Opposites” to choose from, you could easily spend your stay strolling around them.
If you want to visit a handful of museums during a short trip to Matera, it may be a good idea to get information before you leave.

Enjoy Appetizers and an Astonishing Panoramic View of Sassi

For an appetizer or a dinner in Matera you must choose the right place, the one best suited to enhance your lasting memory and add value to your break. Here is a place that seems suitable to boast: the Roof Terrace.
The restaurant is located within the roof terrace of Palazzo Viceconte. The terrace allows visitors to enjoy a superb panorama of Sassi.

Visit Small Towns Near Matera

If you have time, we highly recommend taking a few days outside the city visiting some of the picturesque villages close, such as Montescaglioso (with the Benedictine Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo), Miglionico (where you can visit the famous Malconsiglio Castle), Altamura (where you can taste a local bread and visit the Cathedral) and Laterza (where is a Majolica Museum). Internal roads give you quick access to the surrounding areas.

Have a wonderful journey.
Can’t wait to meet you in Matera.

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